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SNS Bank redeems second series of SNS Participation Certificates

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

SNS Bank N.V. (‘SNS Bank’) announces the redemption of the second series of SNS Participation Certificates on 24 December 2012. These subordinated, perpetual loans were issued on 23 December 2002 with a total nominal value of EUR 116 million. SNS Bank thus uses the opportunity to redeem the certificates ten years after the issue date.

23 June 2013 is the first opportunity to redeem the third series of SNS Participation Certificates. By that time, SNS Bank will conduct the decision-making process with the same thoroughness as with the first and second series.

The holders of the SNS Participation Certificates are retail clients. All clients with these certificates will be personally informed.

De Nederlandsche Bank has informed SNS Bank on 4 December 2012 that, in its opinion, the outstanding SNS Participation Certificates are no longer part of any form of regulatory capital.

More information on SNS Participation Certificates and the redemption of the second series of certificates can be found on

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